It was 1965 when Robert Smith, a dentist, athlete and most importantly- a very keen skier- was selling the world’s first thermal goggle lens out of the back of his van. Bob was a free thinking visionary with a lust for life, and in a bid to achieve supreme visibility on the snow, worked in his laboratory to design and produce the first double-lens ski goggle. A true game-changing invention that made goggle fogging a thing of the past (mostly).

“Do it your way… but see it our way” was Smith’s slogan in 1979 when they introduced the first line of sunglasses for people who lived life outside walls. Even then the idea was for Smith to provide superior quality sunglasses to make your experience outside better. That was it. Smith has always been about making products for people like Bob Smith. Smith Optics is headquartered in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. All work is carried out according to local tradition with regard for a healthy lifestyle, oriented towards physical activity, in full and complete harmony with the environment and values of the mountain community. Smith’s main market is still within ski goggles, aiming their products at the snowsports enthusiast who has come to expect high quality, durable gear.

Smith goggles represent the top end of the market, with highly aggressive, trendy goggles that are a perfect complement to the universe of freestyle skiing and snowboarding, though their success can be attributed to the high technical level achieved through international patents. After 50 years Smith Optics still have a lust for life. And why wouldn’t they? It’s easy to make great products when you love what you do. Shop our range of Smith ski goggles online now – and remember if you’re after a particular style or colour let us know and we’ll track it down for you!

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