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Le Bent Le Peak 260g Mens Quarter Zip Top
Le Bent Le Base Vert 200 Base Layer Top M
Le Bent Le Base Pant 200 MensLe Bent Le Base Pant 200 Mens
polypropblackxtm polypro skull
Le Bent Le Base 260 Base Layer Top M
Mens Vigilante Sisco Jersey TopVigilante-Sisco-Galaxy-set
Mens Vigilante Galaxy LeggingVigilante-Galaxy-leggings-ankle
Xtm Merino
Le Bent Le Base 200 Base Layer Top MLe Bent Definitive Mens Crew top
XTM Merino Thermal Pant
Sportztrek Thermal Top
Sportztrek thermal plus


Which base layer is the warmest?

The warmest base layer will be made from an insulating material, and fit snugly to prevent cool air entering. It will also trap in your body heat, acting as a second skin and protecting you from cold and snowy conditions. Learn more with our guide on How To Layer for The Snow.

Do thermal clothes really work?

Thermal clothes do really work, especially when you want a super lightweight garment to keep you warm. They prevent air cooling your skin, trap heat, and absorb sweat before it can evaporate and cool the skin further.

Can you wear base layer on its own?

You can wear a base layer on its own, and they are especially good for hotter days if you are exercising outdoors, or just for relaxing. Many people use just a base layer if they are hiking or climbing, as it is super lightweight.

What is the warmest base layer for skiing?

The warmest base layer for skiing should:
  • Be made of an insulating material like polyester and a polyester blend.
  • Be tight enough to not allow air in.
  • Be loose enough to allow movement.
  • Trap body heat.
  • Wick sweat.
Read our guide on How To Layer For The Snow for more.

Should a base layer be tight?

A base layer should be tight but not so tight it restricts you movement, or leads to chafing. It does need to be tight enough that no air can enter as this will make the thermal less effective, but loose enough that your skin can breathe. See our Waterproof Breathability Guide for more information on base layer materials.

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