Premium Hot Wax (Hot Wax, Scrape & Polish) 




Full Tune Service 

(Base Grind, Edge, Hot Wax, Scrape & Polish)





All repairs needed on equipment will be quoted upon inspection of equipment   




Snowboard binding mount/adjustment

Ski binding adjustment

Ski binding mount - Alpine

Ski binding mount - XCountry or Touring







Ski Pole Shortening



New Winterstieger Tunejet

This tuning machine is the only one of its kind in Australia right now.  The WINTERSTEIGER Tunejet is an automated service station for both a snowboard or a pair of skis.

The Tunejet is fully customised so that tuning can be done to each customer’s specific needs and requirements.  Come in and see our expert workshop staff for tuning advice or a demonstration.



How Can This Machine Benefit My Equipment?

Stone Unit


A stone width of 400 mm means that all types of skis and snowboards can be tuned. A wide variety of structures can be achieved thanks to the fully variable stone and dressing speed and the ability to adjust the diamond inclination in several stages, including racing structures.

  • Correct structure for the conditions = FASTER!

Disc Unit



The disc unit provides the Ceramic Disc Finish for side and base edge tuning. The self-sharpening ceramic discs guarantee precise edge geometry, accurate grinding angles, a smooth edge surface and constant grinding quality over the entire length of the ski and snowboard. The disc technology, which has become the industry standard for quality edge finish throughout the world, is an excellent example of this. This technology is used by over 90% of manufacturers during the production of all their skis and snowboards. WINTERSTEIGER works consistently on the enhancement of this established edge finish technology for the service sector. In the end your customer can expect a perfect grinding result which always remains exactly the same for both, the side edge and the base edge. It is precisely this quality which is guaranteed by WINTERSTEIGER’s Ceramic Disc Finish.

  • Improved turning qualities = more fun and faster learning results
  • Better grip on hard slopes = increased safety
  • Edges remain sharper for a longer period of time
  • Easier turning on the edge = CARVING