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XTM Courcheval Plus Jacket Womens
Save 70%
Aggression Columbia Jacket UnisexAggression Columbia Jacket Unisex
Save 70%
XTM Pia Plus JacketXTM Pia Plus Jacket Womens
Save 30%
Cartel Brooklyn Jacket WomensCartel Brooklyn Jacket Womens
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Save 30%
Pure Riderz Heavenly Jacket Womens
Save 70%
Cartel Brooklyn Plus Long Womens Jacket
Xtm Merino
Save 30%
Pure Riderz Sierra Pant WomensPure Riderz Sierra Pant Womens
Save 70%
Raiski SavonaRaiski-Savona-Pant-R+
Save 60%
Raiski Gerdi Womens R+ Jacket Burgundy
Save 60%
XTM Wildcat Plus Womens Fleece JacketXTM Wildcat Plus Womens Fleece Jacket
Save 30%
Pure Snow Ruapehu Short Pant W


I'm looking for plus-sized women's snow clothing but can't find my size. Can you help?

Shoot us an e-mail and we'll do our best to find something perfect for you.

Where can I buy cheap plus-size women's snow gear in Australia?

If you are looking for cheap snow clothing, including plus-size women's snow clothing, please sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know about our discounted snow clothing and sales!

What's the difference between plus-sized women's snow gear and men's snow gear in my size?

Men's winter jackets and men's snow pants fit differently from women's plus-sized ski jackets and women's plus-sized ski pants. The pant and arm lengths are also of different lengths.

Is plus-size women's snow clothing more expensive than regular snow gear?

No. We have a range of plus-size snow gear at prices suitable for all budgets.

Do your stores carry all sizes of plus-sized ski clothing?

Our stores may not always have your size in stock. Please call or e-mail us if you are looking for a particular model and size so we can locate it for you.

Where can I buy plus size base layers for skiing in Australia?

If you're looking for plus size base layers, we have a full range of sizes available. To find out how best to layer for snowy weather, check out our guide on How To Layer.

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