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XTM XTM Bolt Apres Boots
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Sorel Caribou Apres Boots MSorel Caribou Mens Boot Black Dark Stone
sidas 3 feet slim highSidas 3 Feet Slim Insole
sidas 3 feet activ highSidas 3feet Activ Insole High

Which boots are best for snow?

The boots that are best for snow will:
  • Be waterproof to keep your feet dry.
  • Have thick insulation and remain warm in the snow.
  • Allow flexibility of movement.
  • Have good treads for maximum grip.
  • Support your ankles properly in case of slips.

What are good mens winter boots?

Good mens winter boots should:
  • Offer protection from the cold and snow.
  • Have good treads for grip on ice and snow.
  • Be warm and properly insulated.
  • Look great!

What shoes are best for snow and ice?

The best shoes for snow and ice will:
  • Offer protection from the cold.
  • Have treads suitable for maintaining grip in icy conditions.
  • Be 100% waterproof.
  • Provide ankle support.

Can you wear snow boots to work?

You can wear snow boots to work, as they are designed to work well with trousers, even a slim cut. Our snow boots are not just super warm and waterproof, they are stylish enough to match with a range of outfits and dress codes.

Do you really need snow boots?

You do really need snow boots if you are going anywhere with deep snow, as trainers or normal shoes will not be waterproof or warm enough for the conditions. Even worse, if you don’t have proper treads you could injure yourself in icy conditions quite easily.

Do snow pants go over boots?

Yes your snow pants are designed to be worn over the top of your boots. You do not need to tuck your pants into your ski boots.

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