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Snowcentral Ski TiesSnowcentral Ski Ties
Dynastar M Freeski White Ski + XP11 GW Binding 2022
K2 Mindbender 90 C Ski Only 2024K2 Mindbender 90 C Ski Only 2024
Dynastar Speed 4x4 563 Ski + NX12 GW Binding 2023
Save 15%
Dynastar Speed 363 Ski + XP11 GW Bindings 2023
Salomon S/Max 8 Ski + M11 GW Binding 2023
Save 20%
Faction Prime 2.0 Ski Only 2019

How much do snow skis cost?

A pair of quality snow skis will cost $500-$1000, including ski bindings. You'll also need ski boots and ski poles for your next ski holiday.

How do I choose skis?

To choose a ski, first consider where you'll be riding. Skis perform differently in different terrain. Also consider your height, weight and ability level. Shorter skis are better for beginners as they give more control while expert skiers prefer longer skis as they are faster. Good skis depend on your personal preference and level of ability. See our Ski Guide to choose the best skis for you.

What size of skis do I need?

The size of skis you need depends on your height, weight and your style of skiing. Generally, taller and heavier skiers may prefer longer skis, while shorter and lighter skiers may prefer shorter skis. Shorter skis are better for beginners as they give better control. See our Ski Guide for more details.
Skier Height (ft. in. / cm)Beginner Length (cm)Intermediate Length (cm)Expert Length (cm)
4’6″ / 137125135140
4’8″ / 142130140145
4’10” / 147135145150
5’0″ / 152140150155
5’2″ / 157145155165
5’4″ / 163150160170
5’6″ / 168155165175
5’8″ / 173160170180
5’10” / 178165175185
6’0″ / 183170180190
6’2″ / 188175185195
6’4″ / 193180190200

Is it worth buying your own skis?

If you're wondering if it's worth buying your own skis, like any investment, it depends on how often you plan to ski. A set of skis, ski boots and ski bindings will cost $500-$1000. The more often you use them, the more you'll save on the cost of ski rental.

What are the best skis for beginners?

The best skis for beginners:
  • Depends on your height and weight
  • Consider the type of terrain you’ll be skiing in
  • Shorter skis are better for beginners as they give more control and stability during turns
  • Try our Ski Guide to figure out the best skis for you.

o I need to wax my skis?

You need to wax your skis regularly in order to keep them in top condition. Waxing your skis creates base protection, friction reduction and keeps them clean. We recommend that you wax your skis every 4-8 days while riding your skis in the snow and check your skis for damage every day. See our Ski Maintenance Guide to learn how to wax your skis.

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