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Billabong Outsider Jacket Mens
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Dakine Smyth 2L Jacket Stone
DC Basis 30K Jacket MensDC Basis 30K Jacket Mens
DC Basis Jacket MensDC Basis Jacket Mens
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DC Command 45K Jacket MensDC Command 45K Jacket Mens
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Halti Wedeln Jacket MensHalti Wedeln Jacket Mens
Picture Goods Jacket MensPicture Goods Jacket Mens
Picture Paraga Jacket MensPicture Paraga Jacket Mens
Protest Barent JacketProtest Barent Jacket
Protest Letton JacketProtest Letton Jacket
Protest Mandro JacketProtest Mandro Jacket
Protest Pomano JacketProtest Pomano Jacket
Protest Timo 23 Jacket MensProtest Timo 23 Jacket Mens
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Pure Riderz Northstar Jacket MensPure Riderz Northstar Jacket Mens
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Pure Snow Sapporo Jacket MensPure Snow Sapporo Jacket Mens
Rome Snap HoodieRome Snap Hoodie
Spyder Copper JacketSpyder Copper Jacket
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SuperDry Freeride Jacket MensSuperDry Freeride Jacket Mens
SuperDry Freestyle Core JacketSuperDry Freestyle Core Jacket
SuperDry Radar Pro Puffer JacketSuperDry Radar Pro Puffer Jacket
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SuperDry Radar Pro Puffer Jacket MensSuperDry Radar Pro Puffer Jacket Mens
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SuperDry Snow Tech Hood Jacket MensSuperDry Snow Tech Hood Jacket Mens
SuperDry Snow Tech Overshirt MensSuperDry Snow Tech Overshirt Mens
SuperDry Ultimate Rescue JacketSuperDry Ultimate Rescue Jacket
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SuperDry Ultimate Rescue Jacket MensSuperDry Ultimate Rescue Jacket Mens
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XTM Axel Jacket Mens
XTM Drifter Jacket Mens
XTM Maverick II JacketXTM Maverick II Jacket


What is the best ski jacket?

The best ski jackets have these features:
  • Made of waterproof, breathable and windproof material
  • Light insulation that works well with mid layers and base layers
  • Powder skirt for keeping the snow out
  • Vents with zips for extra airflow
  • Pockets for your phone, gloves, lift pass and necessities
  • See

What to wear under ski jacket?

Layering for the snow consists of a base layer, mid layer and a waterproof outer layer. Wear merino wool or synthetic thermals as your base layer and fleece or down as your mid layer. Avoid cotton materials. See our guide on How To Layer for more.

Are ski jackets warm?

Ski jackets are meant to keep you warm but still comfortable, given that you'll be sweating during snow activities. Jackets with more insulation will keep you warmer. Ideally, you should be wearing base layers and mid layers underneath a lightly insulated ski jacket so that you can adjust your levels of warmth during cold and windy days.

How to choose ski jacket?

Pick a ski jacket that's a waterproof, breathable and windproof shell jacket. This will keep you warm while allowing sweat to evaporate. The best ski jacket for you depends on your personal preferences and how warm you'd like to be. Wearing base and mid layers accompanied by an insulated jacket would be an ideal choice. Choose the best ski jacket for you with our ski jacket guide.

How to wash ski jacket?

You can use your washing machine on a normal cycle or hand wash. Use a special detergent for ski gear. Don't use normal detergent as it may destroy your jacket's membrane and waterproof coating. Learn more with our guide on How To Wash A Ski Jacket.

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