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If you’d like to buy snow goggles online in Australia, Snowcentral is the store to explore. Established in 1993, we have much experience and product knowledge in snow gear and are fully stocked for all your needs.

More About Goggles for Skiing

We sell various options of snow goggles for men, women, and children. Top brands, such as Scott, Dragon, Smith, Xtreme, NN Storm, and others, mean that everyone will find what they need and prefer. Below are some things you should keep in mind when browsing our online product catalogue.

  • OTG goggles: If goggles are marked as OTG, this stands for ‘Over the Glasses’, and refers to a pair of goggles designed to be worn over prescription glasses. One of our popular OTG pairs of goggles is the Smith Knowledge OTG ski goggles. This affordable yet exceedingly well-made pair of goggles provides excellent fog prevention, boasting TLT lens technology for clear vision on the slopes.
  • Lenses for weather conditions: When buying goggles for the snow, it’s important to consider that your lenses can handle different weather conditions to maintain visibility in bright weather and thick fog. Some goggles, like the Dragon X2S goggles, counter this through on-and-off mechanisms to change lenses with patented Swiftlock technology. Others, such as the Dragon X1, and Dragon PXV, have photochromic lenses that adapt the lens shade according to the amount of light they’re exposed to.
  • Goggle Soc: Our crowd-favourite goggle product is the goggle soc, a stylish yet secure way to store your snowboard goggles to ensure they stay safe and free from scratches. This product is made from recycled plastics and comes in loads of trendy patterns.

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