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DC Search Boa Snowboard Boot WDC Search Boa Snowboard Boot W
Sidas 3 Feet Slim Low Insole
sidas 3 feet activ highSidas 3feet Activ Insole High
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DC Lotus Boa Snowboard Boot WDC Lotus Boa Snowboard Boot W
Ride Karmyn Snowboard BootRide Karmyn Snowboard Boot
Ride Context Snowboard BootRide Context Snowboard Boot
K2 Benes Snowboard BootK2 Benes Snowboard Boot
K2 Haven Snowboard Boot
DC Lotus Snowboard Boot WDC Lotus Snowboard Boot W
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Northwave Domino SL Snowboard Boot WNorthwave Domino SL Snowboard Boot W
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Northwave Devine Snowboard Boot WNorthwave Devine SL Snowboard Boot Black
Sidas 3feet Activ Insole MidSidas 3feet Activ Insole Mid
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K2 Sapera Snowboard Boot WK2 Sapera Snowboard Boot W
K2 K2 Sapera Snowboard Boot W
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Sidas 3 Feet Slim Mid Insole
Sidas 3 Feet Slim High Insole
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Northwave Domino SL Snowboard Boot W
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Northwave Helix Spin Snowboard Boot W
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Rome Stomp Boa W Boot
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DC Mora Snowboard Boot WDC Mora Snowboard Boot W
DC DC Mora Snowboard Boot W
$314.99 $449.99
Sidas 3feet Activ Insole LowSidas 3feet Activ Insole Low
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Northwave Helix Spin Womens Snowboard BootNorthwave Helix Spin Snowboard Boot W

What You Need to Know About Our Women’s Snowboard Boots

The right snowboard boots, women’s, should be comfortable and provide ankle support, preventing ankle injuries while you're going downhill. We have put together some information about a few of the women’s snowboard boots that we stock:

  • For the snowboarding enthusiast, you’ll want a pair of boots that won’t lose their shape over time, and our Northwave Domino SL Boot is a perfect choice for you. These boots are available in a range of colours with the added feature of Thermo-Fit foam, which prevents the boots from losing their shape and becoming uncomfortable.
  • If you’re just starting this activity and aren’t sure if you’ll keep at it, you may want to purchase a pair of boots for beginners. Our Northwave Dahlia SL Snowboard Boot is versatile, easily secures your feet to the board, and provides thermal insulation.
  • For those who love snowboarding and hit the slopes each year, you may want to invest in a pair of boots that are ultralight in weight and provide you with ample ankle support while you perform your stunts, if this sounds like you, you may want to purchase our K2 Contour DB Women’s Snowboard Boot.

At Snowcentral, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to fashionable, comfortable, and safe women’s snowboard boots across Australia.

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