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Cartel Manhatten Pant WomensCartel Manhatten Pant Womens
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Pure Riderz Sierra Pant WomensPure Riderz Sierra Pant Womens
XTM Harper Bib Pant WomensXTM Harper Bib Pant Womens
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Raiski SavonaRaiski-Savona-Pant-R+
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Cartel Empire Pant WomensCartel Empire Pant Womens
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Nobodys Princess Zali Regular PantNobodys Princess Zali Regular Pant
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Cartel Manhatten Short Pant Womens
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Roxy Rising High Pant WomensRoxy Rising High Pant Womens
XTM Smooch II Ski PantXTM Smooch II Ski Pant
XTM Smooch Pant WomensXTM Smooch Pant Womens
Nils Palisades Short Pant WomensNils Palisades Short Pant Womens
DC Valiant Bib Pant WomensDC Valiant Bib Pant Womens
Halti Trusty Pant WomensHalti Trusty Pant Womens
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Roxy Chloe Kim Pant WomensRoxy Chloe Kim Pant Womens
Roxy Rideout Bib Pant WomensRoxy Rideout Bib Pant Womens
Nobodys Princess Mila PantNobodys Princess Mila Pant
Picture EXA Pant WomensPicture EXA Pant Womens
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SuperDry Ultimate Rescue Pant WomensSuperDry Ultimate Rescue Pant Womens
Roxy Rising High Pant WomensRoxy Rising High Pant Womens
Nobodys Princess Zali Short PantNobodys Princess Zali Short Pant
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Cartel Queens Pant WomensCartel Queens Pant Womens
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Pure Snow Ruapehu Pant WomensPure Snow Ruapehu Pant Womens
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Halti Lasku Pant W
Halti Halti Lasku Pant W
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Cartel Empire Short Pant WomensCartel Empire Short Pant Womens
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Pure Snow Ruapehu Short Pant W


What are snow pants called?

Snow pants are also called ski pants or snowboarding pants, although they have small differences. Snow pants are made of waterproof or water-resistant fabric, so you'll stay warm and dry while in the snow. They are often insulated to keep you warm.

What are snow pants made of?

Snow pants are made of a waterproof material and are often insulated so they'll be warm. Ski and snowboarding pants are often thinner than snow pants as they need to remain breathable for snow activities. You can always layer a base layer/thermals under your snow pants if you need additional warmth.

Can you rent snow pants?

You can rent snow pants from local stores specializing in snow gear, as well as at many ski resorts. Many stores offer reasonable rental hire rates for a full package of everything you'll need on your ski trip. Take a look at our ski gear rental rates here.

Do you have to wear snow pants when skiing?

You don't have to wear snow pants when skiing. If you don't have ski pants for skiing, you can wear a pair of waterproof pants with a base layer thermal worn underneath for warmth. You don't have to wear ski pants, but avoid jeans as they will get wet and won't keep you warm.

What do you wear under ski pants?

Wear a base layer thermal under ski pants or snow pants. Depending on your tolerance for cold, you may also wear a mid layer for added warmth. Most people are warm enough with just one base layer under ski pants as you’ll be sweating during snow activities. See our How To Layer guide for more info on what to wear under ski pants.

How to wash snow pants?

Wash your snow pants with a special detergent for ski gear. Normal detergent will destroy the waterproofing membrane. Wash it on a normal or delicate wash cycle in your washing machine. Always read the manufacturer’s instructions first. See our How To Wash Ski Gear guide for more.

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