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Goggle SocGoggle Soc
Smith I/O Mag GoggleSmith_IO_Mag_Pale_Mint_CP_Sun_Platinum_Mirror Goggle
Smith Knowledge OTG Goggle Black SensorSmith Knowledge OTG Goggle Black Ignitor
Scott Habit OTG Goggle WhiteScott Habit OTG Goggle Black
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Dragon X1 GoggleDragon X1 Goggle
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Dragon DXS GoggleDragon DXS Goggle
Dragon DX3 GoggleDragon DX3 Goggle
Smith Squad XL GoggleSmith Squad XL Goggle
Xtreme Classic L-Light GoggleXtreme Classic L-Light Goggles
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Dragon NFXS Goggle
NN Storm GoggleNN Storm Orange Lens Goggle
Xtreme Classic Mirrored Goggles BlackXtreme Classic Mirrored Goggles White
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Dragon X1S GoggleDragon X1S Goggle
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Dragon X2S GoggleDragon X2S Goggle
Smith I/OS GoggleSmith I/OS Goggle
Dragon D1 OTG GoggleDragon D1 OTG Goggle
Xtreme Classic Standard GoggleXtreme Classic Standard Goggle
Dragon RVX GoggleDragon RVX Goggle
Dragon PXV2 GoggleDragon PXV2 Goggle
Dragon PXV GoggleDragon PXV Goggle
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Dragon NFXs 1-lens Goggle
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Dragon NFX2 GoggleDragon NFX2 Goggle
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Dragon X1S Transition GoggleDragon X1S Transition Goggle


How do I choose ski goggles?

Choose your ski goggles based on the type of skiing or snowboarding you’ll be doing. What’s the terrain like and how will it affect your choice of ski goggles lens? Find out what ski goggles you should buy in our Choosing Ski Goggles guide.

What color lens is best for ski goggles?

The color lens best for ski goggles is rose/pink, yellow, orange, blue, and mirror finish lens. Rose, yellow and orange lenses allow more Visual Light Transmission (VLT) and are perfect for cloudy and overcast days. Orange/amber ski goggle lens are best for all-rounder conditions. We recommend all of these lens but ultimately, the best ski goggles for you depends on the type of sunlight conditions you'll be facing.

What are the best ski goggles?

The best ski goggles for you are:
  • A pair that fit your face and your nose
  • The right lens for the sunlight conditions at your locations
  • Includes foam for comfort
  • Vents to prevent fogging
  • Secure strap so your goggles don’t slide around
  • Are compatible with your helmet
See our Ski Goggles Guide for more.

Can you use sunglasses instead of ski goggles?

You can use sunglasses instead of ski goggles on the ski slopes, depending on the weather. Sunglasses are great on sunny days. Ski goggles, however, not only protect your eyes from sunlight but also protect your eyes from the wind. Ski goggles are suitable for all kinds of weather. See our Ski Goggles Guide for more.

Should ski goggles be polarized?

Polarized ski goggles can improve your vision while on the slopes in all weather conditions as they reduce glare. It will be far easier to view your surroundings with polarized lens even in bright sunlight. However, not all polarized ski goggles come with UV protection, so ensure you get a pair with UV protection.

How do you stop ski goggles from fogging up?

To stop ski goggles from fogging up, take your ski goggles off, check the vents, spin them around and get some cold air in to defog ski goggles quickly. Clean ski goggles with this method and don’t wipe the inside lens - you’ll be wiping off the anti-fog film. See our Ski Goggles Guide to find out how to stop ski goggles from fogging up.

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