Smith ODS3 RX Adaptor



Smith ODS3 RX Adaptor (Ocular Docking System)

See clearly with Smith's ODS3 RX Adaptor! This snap-in, combo kit offers corrective vision and a crystal-clear field of view--so you can take in the sights without missing the details. Plus, with its PivLock™ nose bridge you can easily swap out your lenses to find the perfect fit for your peepers. Enjoy the view!

The ODS3 RX Adaptor integrates seamlessly into the following over the glasses (OTG) goggle types ONLY:

  • Sequence OTG
  • Reason OTG
  • Prophecy OTG
  • Knowledge OTG
  • I/O Mag XL
  • Skyline XL


  • Includes: RX Adaptor, PivLock nose bridge, goggle universal nose bridge, microfiber cleaning and storage bag

Note: You will need to take the Smith ODS3’s to your Optometrist to get your prescription fitted.

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