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XTM Toasty Toes
Save 50%
Dc Judge Boa Snowboard BootDC Judge Boa Snowboard Boot M
Save 50%
DC Search Boa Snowboard Boot WDC Search Boa Snowboard Boot W
Dakine 10 inch Scraper
Sidas 3 Feet Slim Low Insole
Arbor Element Camber Snowboard 2024
Save 50%
K2 Lineup Snowboard BindingK2 Lineup Snowboard Binding
Nordcia Santa Ana 88 Ski OnlyNordcia Santa Ana 88 Ski Only
Icelantic Pioneer 96 Ski OnlyIcelantic Pioneer 96 Ski Only
K2 Maysis Snowboard BootK2 Maysis Snowboard Boot
Head Nexo LYT 100 GW Ski Boot W
Save 40%
Ride Jackson Snowboard Boot MRide Jackson Snowboard Boot M
Ride Magic Stick Snowboard 2024Ride Magic Stick Snowboard 2024
GNU Finest Snowboard 2024
Nordica Sportmachine 3 100 GW Ski Boot M
Ride Shadowban Snowboard 2024
Ride Deep Fake Snowboard 2024
Save 50%
Northwave Decade SL Snowboard Boot MNorthwave Decade SL Snowboard Boot M
sidas 3 feet activ highSidas 3feet Activ Insole High
Save 50%
Lange XT 80 Free Ski Boot W
Save 50%
Lange RX 110 Ski Boot W
Save 50%
DC Lotus Boa Snowboard Boot WDC Lotus Boa Snowboard Boot W
Salomon S/Pro MV 90 Ski BootSalomon S/Pro MV 90 Ski Boot
Salomon S/Pro MV 100 Ski BootSalomon S/Pro MV 100 Ski Boot
Arbor Satori Snowboard 2025Arbor Satori Snowboard 2025
Arbor Sequoia Snowboard BindingArbor Sequoia Snowboard Binding
Arbor Hemlock Snowboard BindingArbor Hemlock Snowboard Binding
Arbor Cypress Snowboard BindingArbor Cypress Snowboard Binding
Arbor Single Snowboard 2025Arbor Single Snowboard 2025
Arbor Mantra Snowboard 2025Arbor Mantra Snowboard 2025
Arbor Swoon Camber Snowboard 2025Arbor Swoon Camber Snowboard 2025
Arbor Veda Snowboard 2025Arbor Veda Snowboard 2025
Arbor GPS Snowboard 2025Arbor GPS Snowboard 2025
Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Snowboard 2025Arbor Bryan Iguchi Pro Snowboard 2025
Ride Anthem Boa Snowboard BootRide Anthem Boa Snowboard Boot
Arbor Cadence Camber Snowboard 2025
Arbor Draft Snowboard 2025
Arbor Carter Snowboard 2025
Arbor Element Decon Snowboard 2025
Arbor Formula Snowboard 2025
Roxy Raina Snowboard 2025
Roxy Smoothie Snowboard 2025
Lib Tech Cold Brew Snowboard 2025
Lib Tech Glider Snowboard 2025
Lib Tech Orca Snowboard 2025Lib Tech Orca Snowboard 2025
Lib Tech Terrain Wrecker Snowboard 2025
Dalbello Veloce 85 W GW Ski BootDalbello Veloce 85 W GW Ski Boot
Dalbello Veloce 110 GW Ski BootDalbello Veloce 110 GW Ski Boot

Buy Snow Gear Online

We are proud stockists of some of the top snow gear brands, such as Arbor, Faction, Lib Tech, Ride, and many others. Our gear comes in different sizes and boasts designs for men, women, and children. As the Aussie ski industry grows, we hope to supply all your snow gear needs before you carve it up on your next ski trip.

  • Snowboards: With top snowboard designs and the latest sled technology, you can explore the premium brands. Whether you’re looking for an all-purpose board or something designed for speed, tricks, or other purposes, you’ll find your dream board with us. Prices range from $600 to $1,100.
  • Skis and poles: Our ski brands include Faction, Rossignol, and others. We also sell ski poles and ties to secure your skis together for travel or storage.
  • Boots and bindings: With a massive variety of ski boots for the whole family, you’re sure to find the right fit for you. We’re also proud stockists of snowboard bindings that connect your boots to your board with the latest technology and design. Become one with your snowboard with a proper pair of boots and bindings for your next snowy adventure. We specialise in boot fitting and many of our staff have had masterfit university bootfit training. Book a boot fit appointment for maximum comfort and performance.

Find out more about all our ski equipment by visiting our product pages for each item.

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