K2 Lineup Snowboard Binding

Colour: Black
Size: M


K2 Lineup Binding

Looking for a surfy feel but on a snowboard? Look no further than the K2 Lineup Binding. Customers have been 'lineup' out the door for these bad boys. With the Tunable TriPod Chassis it is a binding like no other. This technology is designed to coincide with the 3 points of contact of your foot its self to make better power transfer through the entire board.


  • Soft-Mid Flex Highback
  • Tweekback Opti Highback
  • 3 Degree Canted Footbed
  • Tunable TriPod Chassis
  • Bender Ankle Straps
  • Perfect Fit 2.0 Toe Strap
  • 100% Tool-less Adjustment

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