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XTM-Inessa-apre-BootXTM Inessa Boot White
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XTM Predator Apres BootsXTM Predator Apres Boots
Rojo boots snow fox true blackRojo Snow Fox Apres Boots
Rojo Out of Bounds Boot Black
Sportztrek thermal plusSportztrek Thermal Base Layer Pant
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XTM Olena Plus Jacket WomensXTM Olena Plus Jacket Womens
Sportztrek Thermal TopSportztrek Thermal Base Layer Top
XTM Smooch II Black PantsXTM Smooch II Plus Pant Womens
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XTM Galaxy R Apres BootsXTM Galaxy R Apres Boots
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Kimberfeel Val DIsere Apres BootsKimberfeel Val DIsere Apres Boots
Roxy Rainier II Apres BootsRoxy Rainier II Apres Boots
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XTM Georgie Womens Apres BootXTM Georgie Apres Boot
XTM XTM Georgie Apres Boot
$149.99 $159.99
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polypropblackxtm polypro skull
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Out of Bounds Zip Micro Fleece Adults
Sorel Tivoli IV Womens Boot Black
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Womens XTM Tessa 2 Apres BootWomens XTM Tessa 2 Apres Boot
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XTM Merino 170 Thermal Base Layer Top WXTM Merino 170 Thermal Base Layer Top W
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Rojo Lodge Boot Tan
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Sherpa Thermal Base Layer Pant
Le Bent Le Base 200 Base Layer Pant WLe Bent Difiniitive Base Bottom Black
Cartel Manhatten Pant WomensCartel Manhatten Pant Womens
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Sherpa Thermal Base Layer Top
Sorel Winter Carnival Apres Boots
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XTM Merino 230 Thermal Base Layer Pant WXTM Merino 230 Thermal Base Layer Pant W


What size women’s ski and snow clothes should I get?

Of course this will depend on your body shape and weight, but we have ski gear to fit everyone, so be sure to check out our full range.

How many layers should you wear skiing?

You should layer when going in the snow with thermals or base layers. To find out how best to layer for snowy weather, check out our guide on How To Layer.

Where can women buy cheap snow gear in Australia?

If you are looking for cheap snow gear for women in Australia, please sign up to our newsletter so you can be the the first to know about our sales, special offers and discounted snow clothing.

How is women's ski clothing different from men's ski clothing?

Women's ski clothing is different from men's in style and appearance, but both aim to keep you warm whilst giving you maximum flexibilty of movement. Sign up to our newsletter to keep informed of our ski clothing sales, discounted ski gear and special offers.

What do you wear to look cute in the snow?

Just because you're in the cold doesn't mean you can't look cute. We have tons of very cute and very warm ski wear, so be sure to check out our full range.

What do you wear skiing if you don't have ski clothes?

If you don't have ski clothes, you can get by by using base layers under your clothing. Learn all about base layers, thermals and layering with our guide on How To Layer.

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