Womens Snow Thermals

A must have when hitting the slopes but often overlooked, thermal underwear is an essential you cannot leave the ski lodge without! Thermal undergarments have come a long way since the stripey thermal undies popular during the neon phase of ski history. Nowadays it’s possible to get stylish long johns that you could wear with confidence to the bar for a few apres drinks after a long day on the mountain. So if you’re still rocking your 70’s skivvies then it might be time to upgrade. With advancements in materials that wick moisture away from your skin and the inclusion of natural fibre blends like bamboo and merino wool, you’ll wonder why you didn’t splash out on a new set of thermal underclothing earlier!


The best thermals for cold weather:
  • Will be made from insulating material.
  • Fit snugly.
  • Not be too tight.
  • Provide warmth.
  • But be breathable to prevent overheating.
  • Should not constrict movement.
  • Be comfortable and not rub..
  • Look great on their own!
Learn all about thermals with our guide on How To Layer For The Snow.
Yes, thermals keep you warm by creating a second skin which traps heat close to the body, and keeps the cold out. Thermals are a great way of staying warm on the slopes and avoiding bulky outers which restrict your movements, allowing maximum maneuverability.
Thermals clothes are worn under your ski or snowboard gear to keep you warm. Also known as a base layer, wearing thermals under your clothes allows you to stay warm and to wear lighter outerwear, giving you the maximum range of movement, without sacrificing your comfort on the slopes.
To figure out which is the best thermal wear, consider if it:
  • Will keep you warm and insulated in the snow no matter how cold it is.
  • Will fit snugly but not too tight to prevent rubbing.
  • And will allow total flexibility and full range of movements for control on the slopes.
Thermals should be tight enough to not allow a gap between the base layer and your skin, so no air can get in. You don’t want to go too tight as this might restrict your movements. If you buy thermals in your normal size, they should be designed to fit just right. Read our Layering Guide for more help.
You should wear thermals on the slopes whatever the temperature, although in some extreme cases you may be able to go without. If the temperature outside is close to freezing or below, then thermals are a must not just for comfort but for safety.

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