The best women's ski jackets are:
  • Made of waterproof, breathable and windproof material
  • Women's specific cut so you look stylish on the slopes
  • Light insulation that works well with mid layers and base layers if you get cold easily
  • Has a powder skirt for keeping snow out
  • Includes vents with zips so sweat can evaporate
  • Has pockets for your phone, gloves, lift pass, lip balm and other items
  • Check out our Ski Jacket Guide for more details.
Ski jackets are warm yet breathable so you stay comfortable during snow sports. Choosing a lightly insulated jacket will ensure you stay warm even on the coldest days. It'll also give you the flexibility to layer different base layers and mid layers underneath so you can adjust your levels of warmth on warmer snow days.
The warmest ski jackets have these features:
  • Lightly insulated, wear with warm base layers and mid layers for maximum warmth
  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Powder skirt to prevent the snow from getting in
  • Breathable material so you’ll avoid being cold and wet from sweat
  • See our Ski Jacket Guide for more.
A ski jacket should leave space for your base and mid layers to be worn comfortably underneath. It should still fit well when wearing fewer layers during warmer weather. Choosing a women's ski jacket with a women's specific fit will ensure your ski jacket fits well yet leaves space for layers underneath.
A down jacket is much warmer than a ski jacket. This is because ski jackets are made of a lightweight, lightly insulated yet breathable material that’s perfect for skiing and snowboarding. Down jackets are far more suitable for travel than skiing. The best ski jacket is a shell jacket worn together with base and mid layers, but a down jacket will work in a pinch.
Winter jackets are warmer than ski jackets. Ski jackets are also good for winter as they are made of a waterproof, breathable and windproof material that's best for snow sports. A winter jacket will keep you warm in extremely cold weather. A ski jacket will keep you warm in harsh winter conditions when worn together with the right base and mid layers.
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