What To Pack For A Day On The Mountain

First, allow me to congratulate you because if you've found your way this far then you’re going to the snow! If it’s your first time you will most likely be asking yourself “What do I need to take with me?”, well sit back, adjust the computer chair and grab a pen and paper because I'm about to answer that very question.

Planning what to take on the mountain with you for the day can become a daunting task, particularly if you’re taking the smaller members of your family along with you. We’re going to break it down for you so it becomes as hassle-free as possible so you can spend less time worrying about what you forgot and more time on the slopes.

When it comes to packing for the day, try not to let the fact you’re in the snow throw you off your game. Many of the same things you would take out on a day to the beach, you’re going to be taking to the snow as well, with a few changes along the way.

What To Bring On A Mountain Day Trip

  • Food and plenty to drink. Traditionally, food becomes pretty expensive on a mountain and you’re going to be buying a hell of a lot depending on the size of your army. It becomes far more cost-effective to stock up on lunch and snacks before you depart. Not only is this far cheaper, but it also means you can make sure you and the family are getting the RIGHT food to maintain your energy for a full day on the slopes. Take more water than you expect you will need, dehydration is a bit of a ninja in the snow and will creep up on you fairly quick if you’re not keeping your fluids up.
  • Sunscreen. This is the big one most people forget. Most of us, having grown up in Australia, seem to associate the heat, water and sand with getting sunburnt, not the snow. If we are covered up head-to-toe, we tend to assume we will be safe from the sun. However, the snow is essentially one giant mirror reflecting the sun right back up into your face! Crazy, right? Just like back here at home, apply, re-apply and reapply some more.
  • CASH!! Even if you swear you’re one of those people that never buys anything on the slopes and that money is as irrelevant to you as the current surf report, just bring some cash, please for the sake of us all that need to hear about it for the rest of the day, BRING SOME CASH. You never know what you may need, from repairs on your gear to that beanie you walk past that you just have to have. In the resorts, cash is still king.
  • hydrating
    First Aid Kit. Whether it's your first day or 5th season, it's important to remember how easy it is to get hurt. Ski patrols can’t be everywhere at once and some minor cuts and bruises are not exactly hospital-worthy, so having a first aid kit can save you a lot of tears and a lot of time.
  • Warm clothes and something to do (Should the worst case occur) - So by this point either someone is injured or just done with their day, and there is also a good chance this someone is one of the younger members of your party (should you have any). At this stage you have two options. Either listen to that someone tell you how cold, miserable, sore and wet they “actually are”, OR whip out that change of clothes and good book you remembered to pack and become the one that saved the day for the rest of the team.
  • Ski/Snowboard Backpack. Now that you have all the essentials for a day on the mountain, you’re going to need a pack that holds it all, and that will fit inside a locker if need be. (You don’t want all your hard work to up and walk away.)
  • Clothing: Knowing your layers is crucial to packing the appropriate clothing for a day on the mountain. See more information about layering in our guide to Layering For The Snow. You should be wearing/packing the layers below.

What To Wear On The Mountain

What Else Should You Bring?

  • Grab yourself a GoPro and film/photograph the entire adventure
  • Ski/board lock to keep cheeky snow ninjas off your goods
  • Backcountry Kit - if you’re heading out that way you will know what you need (Check out our backcountry blog for some first hand experience and pointers)
  • Trail Map
  • Music Player - Because we all need our shred tunes
  • Handheld 2-Way walkie talkie set (Some countries have restricted frequencies so check before you leave)
  • Chains (Even if you don’t think you will need them always keep them in the car)
  • A cold beer or glass of wine for a job well done getting everyone packed for a successful shred trip!

Now you're all set for that mountain day trip. Check out Snowcentral's range of ski apparel and accessories for everything you'll need.

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