The best men's ski helmet for you will depend on the type of skiing you do, but it is always important it is properly fitted to protect you from injury. Learn all about what to look for and how to select a men's ski helmet with our Ski Helmet Buying Guide.
The size helmet you should get will depend, of course, on your size and the dimensions of your head. Learning how to properly size a helmet isn’t always easy, but it is essential your helmet fits correctly. Learn all about how to select the right helmet size with our Ski Helmet Buying Guide.
Which men's ski helmet you should get depends on your requirements, your budget and what you intend to use it for. Our Helmet Buying Guide has everything you need to know about how to select the right men's ski helmet.
You want your ski helmet to be tight enough that it protects your head but not so small it constricts your movement, makes you uncomfortable or obscures your view. A well fitted helmet is essential if it is to provide the protection you need on the slopes.
You should change your ski helmet every two to three years, or whenever it is impacted in a fall. Helmets are designed to buckle on impact, so you will see cracks or indents. However, the liner foam can be compressed, meaning your helmet will not provide the protection you need if you fall, and it can be hard to spot. What feels like a minor fall can mean you need to change your helmet.
Ski helmets are absolutely worth it if you want to protect your head from injury and prevent concussions, or worse. Ski helmets are designed to absorb the force of any fall or collision, protecting your brain from injury. Most helmets are designed to survive one moderate to major collision. If you have had a crash recently, you might need to replace your helmet.

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