XTM Predator Apres Boots Kids

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Colour: Black
Size: 26
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XTM Predator Kids Apres Boot

The XTM Predator Kids Apres Boot is our best selling après snow boot for kids.

Furthermore, XTM have tested these boots to measure their resistance to heat loss. The rating factor is determined by the level of activity and rate of circulation to the feet, and is recommended at 0 °C for low activity (sitting or standing), -5 °C for medium activity with frequent movement, and -10 °C for medium activity with constant motion).

Also, this boot features a synthetic upper and synthetic lower construction and is a certified Carbon Neutral product. Finally, thesee boots use a quick Velcro lacing system, with a loose calf to fit both over and under pants.


  • Velcro Lacing
  • Water Resistant
  • Synthetic Upper/Lower
  • 0°C Low Activity (Sitting/Standing)
  • -5°C Medium Activity (Frequent Movement)
  • -10°C Medium Activity (Constant Motion)



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