Toko Eco Wash-in Proof 250ml

Size: One


Toko Eco Wash-in Proof

Toko Textile Eco Wash-in Proof is an environmentally friendly waterproofing solution for high-quality textiles, sport and functional clothing. Impregnation of the proofing can be easily achieved by applying the solution to textiles in the washing machine. It can be used either separately or in conjunction with the Toko Eco Textile Wash.

Toko have used an innovative formulation called Bionic Finish® Eco that is an ecological alternative to the established permanently hydrophobic gear based on flourocarbon resin. No fluorine compounds are used in this product. Toko uses only active ingredients from a new, "C6" generation, which is more environmentally friendly. Additionally, Toko have ensured its chemical basis is produced more environmentally friendly than any already existing water-repellent gear. Toko works closely with leading chemical manufacturers to ensure their raw materials have met stringent criteria including environmental sustainability, biodegradability and the use of renewable materials.

Combining innovation, functionality and performance with environmental sustainability and biodegradability, the Toko Textile Eco Wash-in Proof guarantees reliable protection from wet conditions.

Easy to use application in the washing machine, a 50ml dosage is recommended for one ski jacket. Prior to washing ensure pockets are emptied, velcro straps are secure and zips are zipped up.

Also Toko Textile Proof spray is available in-store only if you prefer a long lasting intensive waterproofing application.


  • Impregnation only/no washing function
  • Makes the fabric water resistant
  • Fluorine free and environmentally friendly basis
  • Water-based
  • Biodegradable
  • Simple to use
  • For an optimal effect, the impregnated clothing must be activated for 30 minutes in the dryer

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