Thermic Heated Insoles Kit + 1300 Battery



Thermic Heated Insoles Kit 

Boost your winter warmth with Thermic's Heated Insoles Kit! Easy integration on all types of insoles thanks to ultra-thin heating elements. Stay cozy all day with self-adhesive textile lining (and cut down on chilly toes)!


  • Kit contains: 2 outer covers + 2 heating elements
  • Ultra thin heating elements for optimal foot temperature
  • Comfort and durability
  • Easy to cut and fit in the shoe
  • Fits all insoles, trainers or street shoes
  • Compatible only with the Therm-ic C-Pack range of batteries.


1300 Battery

Stay warm and cozy on the go with our Thermic Heated Insoles Kit + 1300 Battery. Our C-PACK batteries easily attach to any footwear, providing up to 13 hours of warmth. Perfect for skiing, hiking, and more! Compatible with both Insoles Heat 3D and Insole Heat Flat.


  • Up to 13 hours of heat
  • Consists of a single adjustment button. The single button also serves as a reset button to reset the batteries.
  • Packed with a USB charger
  • Mains charger is not included
  • Compatible with Therm-ic Insoles Heat Flat, Heat 3D and Heat Kit range only.

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