Sportztrek Thermal Top Kids

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Colour: Black
Size: 6
$12.48 $24.95


100% Polyproplene
Classic Thermal Fit

Sportztrek thermals have been around almost as long as we have and for good reason. If you don’t feel the benefits of natural fibers are for you (or you have an allergy) then the Sportztrek polypropylene thermal garment is the ideal choice. Made from one of the softest synthetic fibres in production, this thermal works exceptionally well at wicking sweat away from the skin. It’s a particularly light weight garment, so if you don’t really feel the cold or are a heavy sweater, then this is certainly the best choice.

Thermals work by keeping the skin dry, allowing the body to better regulate its temperature, so don’t just buy a quality thermal and lock it away after your ski trip...they’re great for almost any outdoor activity! Invest in some decent thermals and reap the rewards!


  • Non-cling fabric
  • Hydrophobic fibres
  • Easy wash/dry
  • Polypropylene construction

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