Sidas 3 Feet Slim Low Insole

Size: XS


Sidas 3 Feet Slim Low Insole

Upgrade your comfort with Sidas 3 Feet Slim Low Insoles! Specifically designed for low-arched feet, these insoles provide support and cushioning in low volume footwear. Plus, they can be easily trimmed for use as half insoles. Say goodbye to foot pain and hello to happy feet!


  • Microfibre covering: Comfortable & antibacterial
  • Low-arch EVA shell: Holds the foot and distributes the pressure
  • Perforations: Provide breathability
  • EVA 2 mm: Thin and cushioned
  • Cutting line for making half-insoles


  • Cut out the sole before use
  • Remove the insole and replace it with the new one.
  • Washing with soap and brush only
  • Do not dry on a radiator, for a better drying use our shoe dryers.

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