Lenz Heated 1.0 Sock Only

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Lenz Heated 1.0 Sock Only

Do you get cold feet and have tried everything? Look no further The Lenz Heated 1.0 Sock is what you need to keep those feet toasty warm and not only in your ski boots.

Using an integrated heating element the runs along the sole and toe area these socks are able to keep your feet warm for up to 20 hours, easy to use and regulate the 3 heat control settings, with the added option of controlling the settings via the Lenz Heat App.

Along with other features like optimal moisture transportation, additional shin padding and ring bandages for optimal support on the foot.


  • heat settings.
  • Connection to your smart phone via Bluetooth.
  • Functional sock with an integrated heating element.
  • Provides heat for up to 20 hours.
  • Toe and sole of the foot are heated.
  • Ergonomically shaped.
  • Odourless.

The difference between the Lenz Heated 1.0 and the Lenz Heated Sock is the Lenz Heated 1.0 Sock has extra padding on the shin where are the Lenz Heated 3.0 Sock does not have any extra padding. 

Please note that items is for the Lenz Heated 1.0 Sock only. These socks must be paired with the Lenz Heated 1200 Battery. 

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