Dakine Deluxe Tune Kit

Size: One Size


10-Piece Set

The Dakine Deluxe Tune kit is the premier DIY tune kit coming from Dakine. Loaded with absolutely everything you need to stay out of the workshop and keep the workshop folks out of your wallet. Complete with Edge tuning tool, 10" [25 cm] file, Wire file cleaning brush, Metal scraper, 10" [25cm] wax scraper, Pocket stone, P-tex (2), Octane Bar (All Temp Wax), Scuff pad and of course Tuning tips! All of this in a convenient ready to travel Multi-Pocket Zipper case.



  • Multi Pocket Case with Zipper
  • Edge Tuning Tool
  • 10" (25mm) File
  • Wire File Cleaning Brush
  • Metal Scraper
  • 10" (25cm) Wax Scraper
  • Pocket Stone
  • Ptex x 2
  • Octane Bar (All Temp Wax)
  • Scuff Pad
  • Tuning Tips


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