Mens Snowboards

Getting the right snowboard for the conditions you’re expecting to ride is crucial to having fun on the mountain. Powder snowboards are perfect for Japan whereas in Australia or New Zealand you might want to try a park or freestyle snowboard. Many snowboard brands like Arbor, K2, and Ride produce all mountain boards within their range, which are a good choice if you want the best of both worlds.

We ship all our snowboards Australia wide so there’s really no excuse to pick yourself up a new snowboard today! Our range of snowboards online and in-store is constantly changing so be sure to check back regularly so you don’t miss the latest season models.


The best snowboard for you depends on these factors:
  • Your height and weight
  • Type of terrain you’re riding
  • Ability level - beginner, intermediate or advanced
  • Your own riding preferences
Don’t be tempted to buy a snowboard just because it’s cheap. Get the right snowboard for your ability level and you’ll have a great time on the slopes. Find the best snowboard for you with our Snowboard Buying Guide.
Choose a snowboard based on your ability level, height and weight, and the terrain you’ll be riding. What snowboard to buy depends on your ability level at the time and your personal riding preferences and style. Try our Snowboard Buying Guide for advice on how to choose a snowboard and what snowboard to buy.
The length of the snowboard you'll need depends on your height, weight and the type of riding you'll be doing. Follow this snowboard size chart to find the right snowboard size for you.
Rider Height / Weight<49kg50kg - 59kg60kg - 69kg70kg - 79kg80kg - 89kg90kg - 95kg96kg+
<5'0"146 - 158147 - 149150 - 152152 - 154154 - 156156 - 158158 - 160
5'1" - 5'6"147 - 149148 - 150151 - 153154 - 156155 - 157158 - 160159 - 161
5'7" - 6'0"148 - 150150 - 152152 - 154155 - 157156 - 158159 - 161160 - 162
6'1" - 6'5"150 - 152151 - 153154 - 156156 - 158158 - 160160 - 162162 - 164
6'6"+151 - 153152 - 154155 - 157158 - 160159 - 161162 - 164165+
There are 4 different types of snowboards. These snowboard types range from all-mountain, freestyle, powder and splitboards. The best snowboard for you depends on your location and snow conditions. Learn more about different snowboard types with our Snowboard Buying Guide.
Snowboards are made of 3 main parts: the wood core, the fiberglass laminate around the core and either an extruded or a sintered base. If the base is damaged, ensure you get it repaired so as to avoid damaging the core. See our Snowboard Guide to learn more about snowboard materials.
Rocker and camber are terms that refer to snowboard profiles. Rocker snowboards curve from the center with tips and tails that curve upwards. Snowboards with a rocker profile are perfect for riding in powder and offer an extra "float". Rocker snowboards are also easier and quicker to turn with. See more about rocker profiles in our Snowboard Guide.

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