Started in 1992, Ride is the spawn of sick times, good vibes and “for the people” built upon technical innovation, superior quality and “selling the dream.” The initial success of the brand in its early years forced them to create outerwear, originally Cappel, now Ride, also bindings, originally Preston, now Ride. Today, Ride are the market share leader in aluminium bindings, creating a lighter, durable, mobile and responsive ride. They have also made a name for their boots, constructing a revolutionary design featuring Intuition Liners and Michelin Rubber, offering the lightest, slimmed and well performing boots on the market.

Ride’s snowboard program continues to design industry-leading snowboards with innovation and the latest technology to the sport. Such features trademarked with Ride include CleaveEdge (using 50% more steel on edges to create robust edges) and SlimeWalls (sidewalls made of urethane to help dampen vibrations, reducing the chatter of a regular ride) in combination with carbon array, carbon bars or carbon stringers, making their boards some of the more innovative snowboards to date.

Ride pride themselves in not being the biggest, but being the best at what they do “for the people.” They have firmly planted themselves as a snowboard industry leader.