Giro is an internationally known company, recognised for their peak performance helmets; established in 1985. Founder Jim Gentes built his brand with the focus on innovative designs to enhance experience and performance. Giro changed the game in 1985, engineering ‘The Advantage’ that harboured a more streamline design that would allow it to be less conflicting with the winds. The helmet was introduced alongside the new sport of triathlon, opening a new market of equipment that was now being reimagined through science.

Throughout the years of innovative design and introductions to new sports, Giro was pushing out cutting-edge ski helmets to accommodate to the situational rider. Helmets were being redesigned to cater for piste riders with different riding styles. Lighter materials were being introduced to athletic and performance helmet models and extra support with stabilisation that reduced the shake and rattle over various terrains was added. Giro also introduced a whole new era in mountain biking by creating the first modular full-face helmet to support free riders.

1999 was the year Giro transitioned into snow sports creating the first “cool snow helmet”. ‘Nine’, a light-weight snow helmet featuring vents, being the world’s first in-molded helmet. Not too long ago, helmets weren’t all that popular amongst skiers and snowboarders due to them being hot, heavy and considered relatively unconventional. Giro pulled through with the innovative design, it was light, comfortable, cool and so innovative that Nine set the bar for every snowsports helmet that shortly followed. Giro entered the goggle category and shortly after introduced the first mainstream ski goggles to offer a lens interchange system in 2004.

Throughout the years, Giro has always strived to reimagine and redesign helmets with practicality, comfort and support. Giro introduced a 3rd party technology known as ‘Mips’ in 2014, helping to reduce impact and going onto making the ultimate helmet for world cup downhill ski racers; the ‘Avance Mips’ a helmet featuring a mix of advanced materials and a new design that helps direct impact energy.

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