You’ve got all your gear, now you need some snow bags to get it to the slopes! Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, ski and snowboard bags are an indispensable way to transport your equipment safely. Transporting bulky equipment by plane can be a hassle, but good ski bags that keep your skis all in one place and protected from rough handling make flying a hundred times easier. If you’re driving yourself out for a weekend on the mountain, you can get ski luggage that straps right onto the top of your car, keeping your skis out of the way of drivers and passengers—instead of sticking through the car from the trunk—and safe from mud and rain.

However you’re travelling, ski backpacks and snowboard bags with pockets and structured pouches can help you keep your snowboards, skis, and accessories well organized and clean, with designated spots for dirty ski boots and your thermal underwear. There’s no end to the number of styles, prints, and features of snowboard bags and ski bags available to protect and organize your ski and snowboard equipment from the beginning of the season to the end, and then to store them safely until you break them back out the following year.


Snowboard bag size does matter, and when choosing a snowboard travel bag you should bear this in mind. If you want to carry extra clothing or more than one snowboard, you will need a bigger bag, and might consider a snowboard bag with wheels.
A snowboard bag will be roughly the length of your board, and you can buy bags tailored to fit. Bags are one of the most important snowboard accessories as they protect your board from damage.
You cannot take your snowboard as carry on luggage (even your snowboard backpack!), it will need to go in the hold. This is another reason why a snowboard bag is invaluable, to protect your board from damage in transit.
You can pack clothes in your snowboard bag, but how much depends how big your bag is. If you’re looking to use your snowboard bags in Australia a smaller bag may suffice, but for longer haul travel you will need more packing space.
You do need a snowboard bag if you are planning to travel. Even cheap snowboard bags will offer protection when in the hold, but if you are travelling any distance on foot a snowboard wheelie bag will make moving around much easier too.
You can check a snowboard without a bag, but we would recommend a snowboard bag as you are leaving your board open to damage as things shift around in the hold.

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