8 Activities To Keep You Snow Fit

The long season is coming to an end, it is sad to say, but we are all aware in Australia that it is inevitable at this time of year. The longer season has been amazing, with some resorts still experiencing the fresh stuff. It is always hard heading back to the slopes with your skis and snowboards when you haven’t stayed as fit as you would have liked. So we at Snowcentral have collectively come up with different activities that will help you stay in shape and using those muscles that normally hide until snow time. Let's see what your summer activity will be in order to stay snow fit.


1. Stand-up paddle boarding (SUP)

We are lucky enough in Australia to have an abundance of ocean fairly close to majority of people. Even if it isn’t ocean, any body of water will do to go SUP, and being one with nature can help ease the mind and soul. SUP is great for your core muscles, getting a sense of balance and building up strength. If you don’t wish to purchase SUP boards, you can usually find hire close to beaches up and down the coast.


2. Hiking

There are great hiking spots around Brisbane, as well as up on the Sunshine Coast and down into the Scenic Rim. Grab some solid hiking boots, a couple of friends and head for the hills. You’ll find hiking to be great for your cardio, even if it’s smaller distances, it all helps!


3. Cycling

Now that it is spring time, the warmer weather almost feels like it’s pushing us outdoors. Cycling is another great cardio fitness and it’s fairly easy to do a bit of. If you’re only a couple of km’s from work, why not ditch the car for the commute and build up some fitness, all while helping the environment. Cycling will give you the leg strength to get through those long days in the snow, so grab that bike and get riding now!


4. Rock Climbing

Brisbane has amazing natural fitness areas which boast the cities popularity of sport. Kangaroo Point climbing walls are a cool, serene experience, being able to climb rock face right in the city. Tours are available because we know not everyone has the gear to do it themselves, and Brisbane has multiple indoor centres which provide everything and have multiple difficulty runs. Rock climbing is a great way to build up strength for the whole body, it is also very good for your mind, and promotes discipline.


5. Swimming

Swimming is one of the best workouts as you push your whole body and it’s also great for your breathing. Whether it be at your local pool or beach, everyone loves to take a dip. In your workouts, maybe try going longer with holding your breath, or time yourself and create weekly challenges. If you do any swimming in natural or ocean areas, be sure you are with others or take proper safety precautions.


6. Wake-boarding and water skiing

Some of the closest sports to skiing or snowboarding are the water equivalent. Water parks around Australia allow for you to try these sports and it’s a great way to get some exercise and cool off as the heat rises. If you haven’t tried these, get out and give them a crack this summer, take some friends, we promise you’ll have a lot of fun!


7. Skateboarding

A great way to concentrate on your coordination and balance is skating. Whether it be skating in the city or down on the boardwalk, you can take a board almost anywhere, getting a bit of vitamin D and exploring places you might not of seen before.


8. Yoga

Yoga focuses on physical strength, mental exploration and spiritual relaxation. The best thing about yoga is you can practice anywhere, whether it be in the forest, on the beach, at home, in the gym, in a park, on a SUP (Yes, you can do this now, google it.) You can learn from online tutorials or classes, and you can implement yoga into a stretch routine for your regular workouts.

There are no excuses now, so we don’t want to hear it on the slopes this coming season. Also try these exercises for your next ski trip and you'll be in top condition when winter comes!

Did we forget any activities? If you have any more tips and tricks, we’d like to hear it! Get all your ski and snowboard equipment at Snow Central today.

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