Custom Ski Boot Fitting

Have you been out on the mountain and your boots don't feel right? Are they rubbing somewhere? Are your feet cold?

Don't despair, these are all indicators that your men's ski boots may need to be adjusted. Women's ski boots, which are custom-made for smaller, women's feet, also benefit from an adjustment by our professional boot fitters.

Ski Boot Fitting By Professionals


At Snowcentral, we have Master Fit qualified boot fitters instore. Being skiers and snowboarders ourselves, we realise that proper boot fitting is not only critical but also crucial to your comfort and performance on the mountain. Men's snowboard boots are also part of our expertise. Our women's snowboard boots are also a popular range with our customers. If your boots don't fit correctly, you may not fully enjoy your skiing/boarding experience.

Masterfit University has designated Snowcentral as an 'Australia's Best Bootfitter' store - an acknowledgement that our bootfitters are well qualified and trained to size, fit and adjust ski boots.

Both Snowcentral stores have Masterfit University trained bootfitters on staff. Whilst other members may assist, these staff are always under the guidance of one of our fully trained Masterfit bootfitters. Buying boots is not like buying a pair of shoes. Boots must be fitted and where necessary adjustments made. Rarely can you buy a pair of boots off the shelf and have them fit perfectly.

Snowcentral welcomes all customers whether you have bought your boots from us or not to come into either of our stores and talk with one of our expert bootfitters. Our trained boot fitters can assess your problem and work with you to try and find a resolution.

Our customers come from all over Queensland to have boots fitted. When you purchase a pair of ski boots from Snowcentral and we fit a custom footbed in those boots, we will give you a 'boot fit guarantee' that allows you to come back for the life of that boot and have adjustments made* at no cost. Read more about custom footbeds in our guide to Footbeds For Ski Boots.

Do Your Ski Boots Hurt?

More often than not, it is rare to find a new boot off-the-shelf that feels 100% comfortable. In most cases. modifications will need to be made. Our experienced staff are carefully trained to provide a custom fit for every boot we sell.

We welcome customers who may have a problem with their boot (whether purchased from us or not) to come into our stores and talk to one of our professionals.

Count on the professionals at our stores for the best in:

  • Customer-focused boot sales
  • Shell & liner modifications
  • Custom-crafted insoles
  • Stance alignment assessment and modification
  • Cutting edge accessories for your boots

Conditions apply.

Ski Boot Fitting Cost


Snowcentral offers a professional boot fitting service. Boot fitting is unlike buying normal everyday boots and time has to be taken to fit and size your foot correctly. Without this Masterfit University boot fitter's expert fitting, your time on the mountain may not be as enjoyable as it should be with ill-fitting boots. To ensure you are completely happy with your purchase and that we maintain our high standard of service, we charge an upfront $50 fitting fee which is fully refundable at the point of sale of your new boots.

Boot Warranty

All boots sold by Snowcentral are covered by the Manufacturer's Warranty.

Boot Fit Guarantee

We offer a Boot Fit Guarantee when you purchase a new, full-priced boot with a custom footbed. This means that we guarantee that, as qualified bootfitters, we are selecting the correct boot for your foot. Our guarantee allows you to come back and have any modifications or adjustments done for the life of that boot at no cost to you.

We have a massive range of both ski and snowboard boots so we can ensure that you find the best ski or snowboard boot for your foot shape and size. See our guide to Ski and Snowboard Boots here.

We recommend that you book an appointment as walk-ins are subject to availability. Please give us a call before heading over. Allow a minimum of 2 hours so we can fit and adjust your boot.

We offer an adjustment service for boots purchased elsewhere.

For any information about boot fitting and to make an appointment, please call (07) 3855 4000 to reach our Keperra store.