The Piva family who were behind Northwave Drake have been working in the footwear manufacturing business since the early 1980’s. When snowboarding started to kick off in the late 1980’s because of Pivas knowledge and craftsmanship was approached to manufacture snowboard boots for a range of different snowboard companies. Piva felt like it was time to enter the market with his own brand. After extensive research and development, acquiring the name Northwave from a wind surfing company out of the USA and pressing the “go” button Northwave Boots were spawned in 1991. Northwave entered the market as the first “soft” snowboard boot company.  Drake bindings came into the mix in the mid 1990s. Already a reputable brand Northwave felt they could make them even better. Pioneering the aluminium heel cup. From day one the core themes for Northwave Drake success were comfort, fit, ease of use, support and great value for money. 27 years on they those values are still at the forefront of their business.