Why are my ski boot bases wearing out so quickly?

First of all, wear and tear of your ski boot bases is inevitable, it happens. There are ways to avoid these issues, so here are some tips:


  • Cat Tracks and Traction Pads – You can get these to protect the base of your ski boots and are a great investment compared to alternate methods. They are fairly inexpensive and can fit in a pocket or in your bag very easily. The Traction Pads by Sidas are great as they fit sizes 22.5 all the way to 31.5 (complete adjustability).

Sidas Ski Boot Traction

Sidas Traction for ski boots

  • New plates – You can obtain new plates for your boots and these are easily mounted by screws underneath your boot. This is dependant on your model of boot as some brands plates are more expensive than others because of the materials used. Also, if your boots are a couple of years old they can be hard to find. If you are experiencing this you can bring your boots to one of our stores and we could see if we have something suitable.

The Risk:

  • The main risk factor of the base wearing out on ski boots is clipping to the bindings. Your boots and binding work together to keep you in your skis for the right times and release when needed. If the bases are worn down by even millimetres, this could alter the release and you could be be falling out of your bindings on basic riding.

Worn down base plate with screw protruduing

We hope this has given you a bit more knowledge in care for your boots. If you are ever concerned with the wear of base plates, bring them in to either our Keperra or Underwood store and we will see what we can do to help you keep skiing on your precious boots.

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