Xtreme Classic Standard Goggle

Colour: Black


Xtreme Classic Standard Goggle

The Xtreme Classic Standard Goggle is a stylish entry level goggle with a standard low light lens. The Xtreme classic uses a dual lens system for optimal anti-fog in cold weather, with a near spherical profile to reduce optical distortion. This is a deep goggle (no, it doesn't like poetry), the lens sits further away from the face which means more air inside the goggle and less chance of fogging. This goggle is perfect for bright days on the mountain, and helmet compatibility means you can wear the goggle strap over the top of your helmet. Perfect for the new skier and snowboarder, or for someone who wants a stylish goggle without breaking the bank.


  • Helmet compatible
  • Lens System: Dual Lens
  • Lens Profile: Nearly Spherical

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