XTM Wildcat Plus Womens Fleece Jacket

Colour: Black
Size: 24-26


XTM Wildcat Plus Womens Fleece Jacket

XTM Wildcat Plus Womens Fleece Jacket - Looking for a fleece that isn't a pull over ?

Look no further than this new release fleece from XTM. Firstly, this fleece is the perfect midlayer for any woman, whether your skiing, snowboarding of simply spending time in a cold climate the XTM Wildcat Fleece is the cosy warm midlayer you are looking for.

The Wildcat Fleece is weighted at 300gsm, using a technology that turns PET Bottles into high end recycle anti-pill fleece.  Importantly, XTM chooses to use this technology in creating their fleeces to help with their environmental commitment to becoming a carbon offset company.

Furthermore, this jacket offers a full length zip down the front of the fleece for the ease of getting on and off on those days of a lot of travelling, sightseeing & skiing

Whilst loaded with pockets including the zip closure front hip pockets, there is also a small zip pocket on the left sleeve which can be used to store your lift pass, snacks, money, lip balm or other various items you’d use. Ultimately, this is a perfect ladies midlayer for any cold climate situation.


  • 300gsm recycled anti-pill fleece
  • Approx. 4 x 1.25L PET Bottles
  • Full zip jacket
  • Lower zip pockets
  • Sleeve pocket
  • Soft and warm

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