XTM Merino Thermal Pant

Colour: Black
Size: S


XTM Merino Thermal Pant

Merino, being a natural fibre, has a channel of air which passes down the shaft. Compared to a synthetic fibre, which is totally solid, the rate of water absorption is much higher. This means the efficiency of wicking in a merino layer is much higher and therefore works better to keep your skin dry and in turn, feeling warm. There’s one other principle benefit to a natural fibre garment- smell. Merino tends not to hold the bacteria that comes from sweat, causing your clothes to stink. If you’re looking at packing light, or want to minimise your costs, sticking with merino means you’ll save on the amount of washing needed and the number of thermals you’ll need to buy.

XTM Merino is finely spun with a soft feeling result. Great for people who may get irritation from wool. If you feel the cold, then this 260 g thermal garment is definitely what you need! XTM is an Australian brand which is made from renewable resources and a certified carbon neutral product, so you can feel good while you’re warm and toasty on your next ski adventure!


  • Static free
  • Odour reductant
  • Renewable
  • Certified carbon neutral product

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