XTM Dual Density Sock

Size: 2-8
Colour: Black


XTM Dual Density Sock

The XTM Dual Density Sock is a multi-thickness sock which is designed for a perfect fit and comfort. The XTM Dual density has left and right ergonomic fit. The Dual Density is thin under foot and thicker in the leg. Snow Central recommend these socks as they are great to be used in rental or second hand ski or snowboard boots. Being thin in the base allows you to control your movement on your ski or board but thick on the shins to protect you when you don't have your own moulded boots.

They can also be worn as normal socks. Socks are an important part of your kit and having the right sock is vital to your enjoyment on the mountain. Snow socks need to be breathable and never made of cotton. The XTM Dual Density comes in a great range of colours which are sure to suit everyone. It is a great idea to have 2 pair so you have one on and the other in the wash.


  • 40% Merino Wool
  • 40% Acrylic
  • 15% Polyester
  • 5% Elastane


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