Roxy Shima 85 Ski + Lithium 10 Bindings 2021

Ski Size: 150


Roxy Shima 85 Ski + Lithium 10 Binding 2021

The park isn't just a boys club and the Roxy Shima 85 is here to prove that. Made with a Park Rocker profile and Full Cap Construction, the Shima 85 is the perfect confidence booster for any lady looking to send their first jump without worrying about being underprepared. The Polyfly Core will keep the Shima 85 agile in all snow conditions meaning you can still adventure the whole mountain with ease in any conditions. To top it all off the Shima 85 features art by Aparat. for a beautiful modern look.


  • Bindings Included (Bindings must be fitted by a qualified ski technician)
  • Intermediate
  • Park/All Mountain
  • 122-85-112 (Turn Radius 16m)
  • Flex 6/10
  • Full Cap Construction
  • Polyfly Core
  • Glass Top Sheet

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