Roxy Dreamcatcher 75 Ski + E L10 Bindings 2021

Size: 156


Roxy Dreamcatcher 75 Ski + Lithium 10 Binding 2021

 The Roxy Dreamcatcher 75 is the perfect groomer ski for any ladies wanting to step their skills up to the next level. Made with a partial wood core combined with Semi Cap Construction, the Dreamcatcher 75 is incredibly lightweight and silky smooth and stable through its turns. The All Mountain Rocker profile combines camber with early rise rocker for easy turn initiation and will help you navigate the deeper stuff if you get off piste. Pick up a pair today and start leaving your friends in your tracks.

Love the look but feel its a little below your ability? Try the Dreamcatcher 80


  • Bindings Included (Bindings must be fitted by a qualified ski technician)
  • Beginner to Intermediate
  • All mountain
  • 122-75-104 (Turn Radius 14m)
  • Flex 5/10
  • Semi Cap Construction
  • Partial Wood Core
  • Nope Top Sheet

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