Ride Machete Snowboard 2020

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Snowboard Size: 155
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Ride Machete Snowboard 2020 

There is no better feeling than burning past your mates on a hot lap and the Ride Machete is the perfect board to do so on. A Mid flex board, pressed in a Twin Hybrid rocker shape, the 2020 Machete utilises a Quadratic Sidecut for improved turn initiation as well as Carbon Slimerods and Slimewalls to absorb any chatter that may occur. The Machete also features Rides Sintered, Stone Ground Base making the board quick and powerful on any snow surface. Whether it be burning groomer laps or sending it in the park, the Machete will handle anything you can throw at it.


  • Twin Hybrid Rocker
  • Quadratic Sidecut
  • Sintered, Stone Ground Base
  • Performance Core
  • Carbon Slimerods 1.0
  • Slimewalls
  • Double Impact Plates
  • Carbon Array 3
  • Bi-axial Glass
  • Roll-In Construction
  • Cleave Edge

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