Nordica HF 75W Ski Boots

Size: 26.5


Nordica’s HF 75 W ensures nothing gets in the way of your love for skiing. Designed specifically for those who want to skip the hassle of buckling their boots, it stands to simplify your skiing experience. The HF 75 W provides a unique blend of comfort, performance, and convenience. 



  • HF back buckle closure system allows it to be pushed down with your foot and you're ready to ski and at the end of the day you can use your poles to open the back buckle while you stand, without having to bend over.
  • HF easy entry shell allows the boots to open 40 degrees so your foot slides right in.
  • The double axis pivot is designed to provide the perfect closure between the cuff parts and the shell. The alignment between the two provides unmatched lateral support which means easier turns, more stability and more fun.
  • I.V.C Instep Volume Control is a red insert placed in the wedge and rotating, it a quick and easy fit adjustment reducing or increaesing he volume by +/- 4mm.   

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