Look SPX 12 Ski Binding



Look SPX 12 Ski Binding

Unlock a smoother and more predictable ski experience with the LOOK SPX 12 WTR 90 Ski Bindings. The oversized pivot provides efficient power transfer and 27mm of elastic travel for improved shock absorption. Ride at lower DIN settings without fear of unintended release, perfect for backcountry adventures and compatible with Alpine and WTR outsole standards.


  • Brake Width (mm): 100
  • Maximum DIN: 12
  • Ramp: 3 degrees
  • DualWTR Toe is compatible with both standard Alpine (ISO 5355) or WTR Rocker (ISO 9523) Soles
  • 14% longer wings and 10% wider platform improve power transmission
  • Oversize heel pivot improves boot coupling strength, allowing for better energy transfer into your ski
  • 27mm of elastic travel in the heel improves shock absorption while reducing the chance of pre-release

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