K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard 2017

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Snowboard Size: 162
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K2 Turbo Dream Snowboard 2017

Dreaming of doing a season on the slopes but don’t want a host of boards to take with you? Perhaps you have a holiday planned but don’t know how you want to spend it on the mountain? K2’s Turbo Dream may be the answer to all your problems.

If your are one to attack the mountain from first chair till last, searching for first tracks in the morning, maybe a session in the park before lunch and cruise the groomers while the food settles afterwards then the All Terrain Baseline™ is perfect for you. It is a directional twin with a medium rise rocker in the tip and a low rise rocker in the tail. This combination of camber profiles provides effortless turns in the hardest conditions and ample float in soft snow and crud. It is like the Adam and Eve, peas and carrots of the snowboard world. Meant To Be!

This isn’t to mention all the other tech provided with the board. K2 has been generous enough to give you extra pop and stability when buttering and jibbing with the inclusion of their Tweekend™ and Carbon Web™ systems. Be it your next snow holiday or something a little longer if you’re lucky, The Turbo dream will not leave you disappointed as your lone All-mountain/ Freestyle board.


  • Rocker Type - All Terrain Baseline
  • Tweekend
  • Flex 4-6
  • Directional Twin
  • WH3 Core
  • HoneyKomb Technology
  • ICG 20 Laminates with Carbon Web
  • Triaxial Fiberglass
  • 4000 Sintered Base
  • 2x4 Binding Insert Pattern

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