Full Tilt Classic Ski Boot M

Size: 26.5


Full Tilt Classic Ski Boot

The Full Tilit Classic ski boots, have remained the same for many years, with the exception of updating with more modern materials. This proves that they are a tried and true ski boot that is prepared to handle anything that the mountain throws at it. The Full Tilt classic ski boot features a traditional tongued liner and a snug lightweight shell. The moderate flex 6 tongue is great or both in and out of the park and navigating through the trees. The ribbed tongue enables a more natural flex from the toe to the shin. The tongue bends smoothly and works with the cable positioning to stop shin bang. 


  • Infinie pivot 
  • Adjustable tongue 
  • Ribbed tongue 
  • Classic liner
  • Flex 90
  • Last 99mm

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