Elude Buggo Boys Goggle Kids

Colour: Green


Elude Boys Buggo Goggles

The Elude Boys Buggo Goggles have a double lens to prevent fogging. Fogging happens when the cool air on the outside of the goggle lens hits the warm air on the inside of the goggle lens.  Nothing is more frustrating then goggles that repeatedly fog on the mountain.

This beautifully designed goggle features outriggers on the side to provide balance when the goggles are worn with a helmet. The strap is long enough to go over the top of a kids helmet.  To make it easier to take on and off, Elude has put a clip on the strap.

To keep your goggles safe when you are not wearing them, we recommend putting them in the microfibre bag that is included or using a Goggle Soc.

Always store your goggles in a cool dark place to prevent deterioration between trips . Please do not rub or wipe the inside of the lens as this will disturb the anti-fog coating and this cannot be replaced.


  • Rojo sublimation strap
  • Leather label
  • Helmet compatible strap length
  • Outriggers for balance when worn with helmets
  • Elude microfibre bag included

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