Dragon X1 Goggle

Colour: Echo / Photochromic Amber


Dragon X1 Goggle

The Dragon X1 Goggle is a premium full coverage frameless goggle offering a medium fit. The X1 offers the flexibility and fast capability for lens change according to ski conditions. Dragon has equipped these goggles with the best optical and comfort technologies which also includes a redesigned lens and venting for improved airflow.


  • Medium Fit
  • Frameless Goggle
  • Infinity lens technology
  • Premium Injection moulded spherical lenses
  • Triple-layer face foam
  • 100% UV protection
  • Armoured venting
  • 200% stronger Super Anti-Fog Coating


Dragon X1 Photochromic Goggle

The Dragon X1 Photochromic Goggle features an adaptive goggle lens with a light, base tint for dim outdoor lighting conditions and automatically darken and change colours in bright sunlight. They are designed to enhance visual performance during specific outdoor sports and activities and are colour optimised to increase contrast and boost depth perception.


  • Protection from harmful UV rays
  • Colour Optimization
  • Clear, comfortable vision all day long
  • Reduced squinting, straining and eye fatigue
  • Self-Adjusting Tint: One lens for those variable days

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