Dakine Wristguard

Size: 2XL


Dakine Wrist Guard

Injury, it's one of those unfortunate part's of life that's fairly unavoidable no matter how much of an expert you may think you are, fortunately however there is at least one solid solution guaranteed to put your (more so your loved ones) mind's at ease. Introducing the Dakine Wrist guard!

A low profile neoprene wrist guard designed to be worn inside or outside the glove depending on personal preference (No sacrifice to function either way). The neoprene construction allows the glove to stretch to fit, making sure they are as snug as possible and targeting the right area of your forearm. An extremely lightweight aluminium stay makes up the backbone of this beauty ensuring solid protection that won't effect your riding and an adjustable strap keep's them from slipping/moving once impact is made. Be kind to your body and grab some Dakine Wrist guards before your next snowboard adventure, because at the end of the day no one looks cool in a cast.


  • Lightweight Aluminium Stay
  • Stretch Fit Neoprene
  • Low Profile (worn under gloves)

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