Attiba Torino Apres Boots

Colour: Black
Size: 37


Attiba Torino Apres Boot

Manufactured in Europe, featuring an Italian design, the Attiba Torino Apres Boot is the perfect combination of functionality and style. One of the key features of the Attiba Torino is the OC Grip system, this system is an inbuilt spike/grip system which is found on the sole of the boot.

The OC Grip system can be worn with either spikes facing outwards of the sole, to help the wearer adhere better grip in snowy/icy conditions. Or with the spikes facing inwards slotting into an allocated spot on the sole. The Attiba Torino Boot comes with a special pocket size tool to help with flipping the OC system into play.

“There is no other system quite like it”

With cold, wet feet and slipping being a thing of the past. This stylish Attiba Torino Apres boot, boasting its beautiful lush faux fur cuff and technical suede construction, you will be the envy of everyone at apres. 

The Attiba Torino are the perfect boots for those worried about the icy/ unstable streets and wanting that extra support, or just looking for a reliable, versatile and fashion forward winter boot.

Lace System: Zip
Sizes (EUR): 36 / 37 / 38 / 39 / 40 / 41 / 42


  • Reversible Spiking System on Foot and Heel
  • Faux Fur
  • Wind Proof Liner
  • Side Zip

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