Introducing MIPS Technology

MIPS, or Multi-Directional Impact Protection System, is the latest technology to come into the Ski Industry for helmets.

It features three main components; the interior foam liner, the Elastomeric Attachment System, and the low friction liner. The combination of these components ensures that in a crash the MIPS System rotates independently around your head redirecting impact energy, therefore giving you more protection in certain impacts.

There are two main types of impacts that Snowboarders and Skiers experience; they are ‘linear’ and ‘rotational’. Linear impacts occur when your head is moving in a straight line and comes to a sudden stop, whereas rotational impacts occur when your head is struck at an angle and comes to sudden stop. Watch this comprehensive video, it explains the mechanics of a crash with a little more detail.

Now that you have a better understanding of the two most comment impacts, see how MIPS works on the snow!

And just if your are interested…. Here is how they tested it and got the technology to where it is today.

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